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Strych9 is an on-the-rise and widely revered music creator, producer, songwriter and owner of Magnum O.P.U.S. based in Atlanta, GA. He is the founder of “We Create Music”, a growing social community of music creators that believes in collaborating and empowering other music innovators and entrepreneurs. Strych9 has been steadily gaining exposure and increased visibility for his incredibly versatile music catalog. It is clear that Strych9 has the musical prowess to compete with the industry giants.

Meet Strych9!

Music producer and songwriter Strych9 Musik has premiered his R&B compilation album, Overdose, available on all digital platforms. The 8-track project features tantalizing melodies and passionately conveyed lyricism from great indie artists such as Ashten Majors, Fitzgerald, Ryan Drews, RoyyalT, and Ashley Nicole. Overdose delivers emotionally charged tales of passion, sensuality, heartache, and breakup that R&B fans will surely identify with.

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