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Ryan Drews

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Ryan Drews

Fifteen years ago, he was known as the kid who fought all the time at school, now he is known for putting smiles on many faces with his smooth sing- ing voice. Los Angeles native Ryan Drews, a singer/ songwriter, started writing music at the ripe age of nine years old. Writing is a skill that came easily to him so at first, he did it for fun. Constant school quarrels with other children resulted in Ryan being sent to Belize at age 11 to live with his grandmoth- er for a few years. Moving to another country did not stop Ryan from focusing on music. Even though writing was his passion, he was told that he had a great singing voice around the age of 12. He decided to add singing to his list of talents.

When Ryan moved back to California at the age of 14, he got more serious about his writing. Paying attention in class became difficult for young Ryan who was always writing songs instead of listening to his teachers. At the age of 17, Ryan joined the United States Navy. He began recording songs for the first time in 2009 while stationed in Hawaii. Getting deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 made Ryan put his recording on hold but he never stopped writing songs. Ryan was eventually stationed in San Diego, CA and picked up where he left off with his music.

Ryan’s Belizean heritage, military background and passion for writing makes him a stand-out artist in the industry. The music his parents played for him growing up has had a powerful effect on the music he enjoys today. Ryan is inspired by R. Kelly, Ginuwine, Usher and Tyrese. He comes from true r&b roots but wants to show the world how versatile he can be. Ryan’s debut album, “Satisfied” will be released this fall. The album features r&b, soul, pop, and dance records. Having written every song on the album, he will be introduced to the world as a talented singer and songwriter.