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Overdose Review by Screaming Match Productions

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the wildly innovative and highly skilled artist and producer, Strych9 Musik.  Strych9 Musik is an on-the-rise and widely revered music creator, producer and owner of Magnum O.P.U.S. based in St. Louis, MO.

Networking at Music Events

Networking at Music Events is one of the most important skills that I’ve developed over the years and is a critical skill for connecting, and developing relationships with people in the music industry. This principle is true in any industry, and it’s especially true in the music industry.

Inside the Mind of Strych9

Music is much more far-reaching than probably ever considered. It has a huge cultural impact on the world. It creates emotional, physical as well as mental connections. It impacts every facet of intellectual, social and personal experiences…and behind it all you find…the music producer.

Branding for Producers

In the very early stages as a music producer, you need to create a plan. Decide what your brand stands for and how others will perceive you?  First begin this process by doing a quick SWOT analysis. Identify what are your strengths, skills, and areas of expertise.

Strych9 Takes Second Place

As you know, I make it a priority to stay engaged on social media – industry updates, up and coming artists, and insightful conversations, in addition to sharing relevant info and my latest music.