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Overdose Album


Thank you for taking the time to accept my invitation to listen to my new R&B album “Overdose.” I’ve worked on this album for over a year and through hard work, many late nights, and working with the many wonderful artists on the album, who worked tirelessly to create a wonderful project, my vision became a reality.

The 8-track project features tantalizing melodies and passionately conveyed lyricism from great indie artists such as Ashten Majors, Fitzgerald, Ryan Drews, RoyyalT, and Ashley Nicole. Overdose delivers emotionally charged tales of passion, sensuality, heartache, and breakup that R&B fans will surely identify with.

There are two ways for you to get this album. 1. You could purchase the album from your preferred digital platform (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon) which will help to support the work of indie music creators and create future projects or 2. You can download it for free by clicking the download button on the right.


Album Snippets

1. “Overdose Intro” – a smooth intro by Fitzgerald, sets the tone for the album, providing a teaser that leads into the main single of the self-entitled album, Overdose.

2. Fitzgerald performs “Overdose”, the lead single. His distinct, smooth, and sensual voice conveys a situation where he realizes his fantasies and intimate encounters with another woman is affecting his current relationship.

3. “Revolver”, a sexy invitation for a night of passion performed by Ashten. She let’s you know that by accepting this invitation, you’re up for a marathon race so you better get suited up, booted up because once the “Revolver” pops baby it ain’t gonna stop.

4. “Body Language”, performed by RoyyalT, smooth and sexy song that explores the depths of ones body language and helps the listener realize that sometimes words aren’t need to express ones desire.

5. “Better Not”, by Fitzgerald, gives another smooth and tantalizing song of passion and pleasure that’ll get anyone in the right mood.

6. “Heartbreaker” is performed by Ashley Nicole feat. Chi The Realist, whose soulful voice and unique texture delivers an emotionally charged story of a woman who’s selfishness brings about the demise of her relationship, breaking her man’s heart.

7. “Suck It Up”, by Ashten, tells the story of a woman that is fed up with the lies and that she’s no one’s fool but instead of retaliating, she realizes that she can do fine by herself and leaves him.

8. “S.I.N.G.L.E.”, by Ryan Drews, was written after a recent break up with his ex-girlfriend. He was at a stage where he just wanted to enjoy the ‘single life’, but his ex-girlfriend continued to question his whereabouts and whom he was spending time with.

Overdose Cover and Track Listing Revealed


Overdose Album Entered into Consideration for 60th Annual Grammy Awards

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meet the artists who made this possible


Born Demond Fitzgerald Wilson in Jackson MS, Fitzgerald began singing, writing, producing music and playing drums for his local church at the age of 15.


Born in San Antonio, TX and raised in Houston, TX. She began singing and performing live at the tender age of eight and soon realized her calling.


Talented R&B singer and songwriter from Montreal Canada currently representing the 40/40 team.

Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole began singing at a very young age; being surrounded by music, her gift is without a doubt deeply rooted in the church.

Ryan Drews

Los Angeles native Ryan Drews, a singer/ songwriter, started writing music at the ripe age of nine years old.

Chi The Realist

Solidifying himself as Rochester’s official wordsmith, Chi the Realist has positioned himself as one of the fastest-growing rappers.

ashten drops "revolver" video from the overdose album