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Strych9 Takes Second Place

As you know, I make it a priority to stay engaged on social media – industry updates, up and coming artists, and insightful conversations, in addition to sharing relevant info and my latest music. But with as many things streaming through feeds, sometimes it’s a challenge to catch things that matter. I was glad my wife brought the iStandard Producer Showcase to my attention, as I’ve wanted to attend one of their events for some time.

The iStandard Producer Showcase puts aspiring producers in front of a panel of prominent music industry professionals for their music to be heard before a live audience, receive constructive criticism, and a chance to build valuable relationships. But, with the showcase only days away, I was nervous about entering. Plus, I had never played my music live. With no time to waste, I put aside my fears, threw hesitation out the window, entered and waited to hear back. 24 hours later, I received notice I had been accepted; then selected five of my hottest songs and worked hard condensing them to a minute each for the showcase.

Friday was here in no time. Since this was my first showcase I didn’t know what to expect. The place was full of energy. The crowd rocked with each producer as they took the stage, showcased their music, and received congratulations on a job well done. And since the judges were people who understand the heartbeat of music, their feedback was invaluable!

In many ways, the feedback was validating. Don Di Napoli said “I put you down as a groove tempo maestro. You know exactly what tempo to make your tracks at. You know exactly what grooves to put in there, it wasn’t forced, it was all natural. An adult swim vibe without being so abstract.” The experience was valuable whether I won or lost. And it was great to be around producers and other people in the industry at the level I want to attain.

I was second to last to go. The intense battle ended with a one-point difference between 1st and 2nd place winners – Strych9 Musik winning 2nd Place!

I am currently working on two instrumental projects to be released in 2017. I’ll also be working with several artists releasing songs throughout the year, and diligently preparing for the ‘Beast of the Beats X’ competition. Pretty good for tossing hesitation to the wind. You can view my set in the video below and also preview all five songs.

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